Legacy Mission

…in Your Judea (Faith Community)…

“Setting the Example for the Believers.”

Identifying Your Ministry Calling in Your Faith Community… Creative and Hands-on Ministry/Missions Workshop Training for Your Family, Church, Ministry or Team.

Workshop Title Workshop Description
Cultivating True “Community” within Your Ministry Philippians 2:1-5
Learn the stages to achieve and maintain true “community” in your ministry team. Identify the behaviors and attitudes that “break community” and keep you from collectively experiencing God’s full potential in service together. LQI will train you to keep your ministry beyond the “pseudo community” stage as you unleash the power and peace that Christ promises when “true community” is achieved in your ministry team.
Your Team on Mission: Finding Your Unique “Mission” Learn how your team and families can minister together, instilling a heart for missions, ministry and an other’s focused attitude. Biblical Discipleship, Creative Evangelism, Service Projects, hands-on ministry opportunities can all be a part of identifying your ministry.
Excellence Evangelism: A Call for Families to Lead by Example in a World Moving Away from God Drawing from almost 20 years of experience in working with and challenging families and young people across the country and around the world, LegacyQuest provides an exciting and fresh new way to combine family and evangelism. Believing that Christ called us to “set the example” (1 Tim 4:12) in every area of our lives, Jory challenges parents and youth to purposefully live out the Gospel through our “lifestyle” as we walk an “impossible, no other way to explain it, expect for God” kind of walk – that continually points to Him!
Biblical Servant Leadership Discover how Servant Leaders lead when God calls them to ministry. This overview shows a progression of how God generally calls, prepares and uses a Servant Leader to carry out His mission for his or her life.
Using the Bible as Our Roadmap Learn the basics and importance of learning to study the Bible for yourself. Students and parents around the world are encouraged and amazed at how these simple tools can enhance their understanding and hunger for the Word.
Creative Evangelism Training LegacyQuest Institute teaches and challenges individuals and families of all ages to use the Creative Arts to reach a lost and dying world for Christ. Utilizing Music, Mime, Sign Language, Public Speaking and Dramatic Interpretation, LQI can train and equip your family or team to use your gifts and talents through Creative Evangelism to win the lost.

Host The Legacy Mission Workshops

  • Cultivating True Community: 1-2 hour Workshop
  • Your Team on Mission: 1 – 5 hour Workshop/Consulting
  • Excellence Evangelism: 1-2 hour Workshop
  • Servant Leadership: 1-2 hour Workshop
  • Using the Bible as Our Roadmap:  1-4  hour Workshop
  • Creative Evangelism Training: 2hrs to 3 day Training

LegacyQuest | PO Box 7070 | Branson, MO  65615
417.598.1314  |  go@legacyquest.org

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